The art of creative awareness
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..behind all the forms, lines, and theatrical pomp of my paintings lies hidden underneath the innermost sacred within us, which is invisible to the eyes ...
— Ignacio Lalanne
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I use the visual language to explore my inner self and the human condition we all share. I have done this for a very long time now. Growing up in Buenos Aires amidst the exuberance of colour and beauty found in the city, country and people, perhaps I am forced to search for meaning. I also suffered loss early on and have later realised that art is a way of dealing with this.

During my travels around the world in early adulthood, the visual exploration of what is hidden inside all of us expanded into meditation and an exploration of spirituality.




India was a stop that left deep imprints both artistically and spiritually. It is a place of contrasts like no other. With its vivid colours against arid landscapes. The poverty existing right next to abundant wealth. It was there while living in Ashrams, that I fully started exploring the binary opposites within ourselves. These juxtapositions continue to be a significant theme in my art and life today.  

After a year or so in the east, I came to Europe and somehow may travels were interrupted when I visited London. Chelsea College of Art and Design turned into a degree in fine arts from Central Saint Martins and a studio in Bow Road.





Since India, yoga and meditation evolved into a daily mindfulness practice. I also became more aware of how being in the present moment, as taught in mindfulness, is intimately related to art and creativity. Over the years I deepened my mindfulness practice, went on retreats and started volunteering and studying with Breathworks. All of this has helped me immensely with my own inner battles, fostered my creativity, and given me the opportunity to, and privilege of, helping others. 

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Like most serious artists my studio is full of books and visual information. Below is a small selection of photos that reference styles and techniques that I draw on in my creative process. 

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